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"Arrgh!" Screamed Peter as his tight virgin hole began to surrender under the unrelenting pressure from June's prick. "What are you crying about, that's only the tip of my cock head!" Snarled June and pushed on further despite the increasing cries of the trapped boy. The tiny, tightly gripping sphincter snapped closed behind the head of June's cock, reducing some of the tension of that monstrous head being forced through it. Peter moaned in relief. "That was lovely," purred June as she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Let's try it again." She pulled hard and the head of her dick exploded out of the youth's squeezing butt hole. Peter gave a howl of pain, then moaned again as the tight sphincter was again stretched by the huge cock head into glorious agony. Finally it was again able to snap-shut over the huge organ. June smiling to herself just pulled the head of her engorged prick back out and forced it in again. 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Doesn't it make you feel great?" Charlene considered. "Yeah, I guess it does," she grinned. Her introduction to sex may have been rough and brutal but in hindsight she had enjoyed every moment of it. The thought of men and women maturbating over her was indeed a wonderful one. Sarah Birdheart walked home smiling to herself. Her little trip into town had been quite a success. She had really had an effect on the young bank teller. His hand had been noticeably shaking as he filled out the forms. Sarah had really enjoyed the way he had begun to sweat when she had leant over the counter in her daringly low cut dress. Her soft fleshy mounds all but exposed. Then when she had heard the next customer trying to attract his attention as she walked away, she had grinned from ear to ear. There was nothing she liked better than teasing boys who were just becoming men, they had so much less control than their older counterparts. She even teased Adam's young friends by always ensuring that she was dressed in a tantalizing manner. Short shorts or skirts, low cut tops, no bras, see through blouses, dresses slit almost to her hip. These were the weapons that she used in her teasing game. She loved the longing stares that she received and the fact that the boys were totally unable to concentrate on anything else while she was in the room. Even her son Adam was not immune to her charms. She knew her body was in great condition but the reminders were nice to have. Sarah had also noticed that Charlene was starting to imitate her teasing. Not only amongst Adam's friends, when she would wear the most daring fashionable clothes she could find but also with her Father's friends. It wasn't fashionable clothing then however but school uniforms with hems of much greater altitude than ever could have been allowed in schools. White socks and white blouses that were too small so that her tits strained against them showing her taught girlish nipples. In a year or two, thought Sarah the two of them would make a great teasing team. She shuddered as she imagined the effect the two of them would have on the men in the shopping center. Her daydream was interrupted as she arrived at the front door to her house. "Kids!" She called. There was no reply except for the sounds of laughter emanating from the lounge room. Sarah opened the lounge door and saw June Myles sitting on the couch with Adam and Charlene, drinking coffee. What on earth had possessed the kids to invite that tart into the house? Even more amazing was there state of dress. Both June and Charlene, who was sitting cross legged on the sofa, were wearing large, white, crispy men's shirts with no trousers or skirts covering their bare tanned legs. Adam wore a pair of bright pink bicycle shorts that illustrated every little bulge of his youthful crotch. 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